Avrasya Gaz | About Us

AVRASYA GAZ A.Ş. was established in year 2004 pursuant to the objectives of Law on Natural Gas Market no. 4646 with regard to the liberalization of Turkish Natural Gas Market, and with the aim of entering the natural gas market as an importer and a wholesaler.

The company shareholders are Promak Energy A.S and Tahincioglu family, which has made significant contributions to the industrialization process of Turkey and have investments in many industries ranging from construction to food.

AVRASYA GAZ A.Ş. participated in ?Contract Release Tender? announced by Botas on 4th November 2004 and held on 30th November 2005 pursuant to the temporary article no. 2 of the Law on Natural Gas Market no. 4646. As a result of this tender, the Company was entitled to take over 500 million cubic meters of gas annually, in scope of the natural gas purchase and sales agreement signed between Botas and Gazprom Export LLC on the date of 18th February 1998.

Following the signing of the natural gas purchase and sales agreement with Gazprom Export LLC on 31st October 2007, AVRASYA GAZ A.Ş. has been granted an import license with the decision of EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) dated 26th February 2009; and having completed the assignment transactions as of 17th March 2009, it was entitled to import natural gas of 500 million cubic meters annually until year 2022.

AVRASYA GAZ A.Ş. started importing natural gas as of 1st April 2009 and offered it to the market. Currently, the Company sells natural gas to eligible customers and user associations in Turkish Natural Gas Market.


  • 2. Natural Gas System Workshop had been organized

    The 2nd Natural Gas System Workshop was held on October 2 - 4, 2012.

  • TPAO Usage Procedures and Principals had been published

    The amendment proposals on TPAO Silivri Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility Usage Procedures and Principles (UPP) was officially published.

  • 6th Shippers Forum had been organized

    The 6th Shippers Forum co-organized by PETFORM and DIVID was held on June 5 - 6, 2012 in Abant.